Las frontera entre los países son el  espacio visible de la  movilidad y el tránsito de personas. Con mas o con menos vigilancia en  estos espacios coexisten prácticas cotidianas  que son paradójicamente producidas y castigadas por el sistema.El contrabando de gasolina es cotidiano en algunos puntos de la frontera de México con Guatemala.

El interés esta puesto en lo que las personas hacen y cómo lo hacen a lo largo de los espacios fronterizos entre países. Estas prácticas son evidencia de aquello que da la posibilidad de bienestar.

Making firework by AK47 as such as made to saints and heroes, makes reference to the statement that weapons to kill the living are the visible form of the violence regime, and this is the common place in which we configure our daily lives.

Sculpture, documentary video, photography and drawing

Aluminum and wood structure
Size: 400cm x35cm x 20 cm.
Weight: 3 kg.
Video: documentation of burning fireworks in the form of AK 47

Bulto Escultura inflable
Poliuretano, cinta canela, compresor
600 cm. x 400 cm.

Documentary Photography
Black propylene used to pack

A surveillance camera installed  on a raft commonly used to transport people and things from the border of Ciudad Hidalgo to the border line of  Tecun Uman and vice versa, using an alternative way, other than the official crossing between Mexico and Guatemala. The “surveillance camera” is watching nothing of this, it`s rather watching the sky, meaning by this, ” looking the other way

The sense to build up from this state of things can only take place when there is the possibility to see other sides of the phenomenon and social practices.

With more or less surveillance of the frontiers, they are visible spaces for the mobility and transit of people, animals and things. The paradox resides in this supposed illegal state: activities in fact taking place and at the same time being criminalized by the system. The traffic of people, animal, drugs, weapons, gas and the diversity of ways to do it, from one border to the other one, are the outcome and consequences of the establishment of ethnical, gender, religious and economic differences, and reactivated by us when we decide to summon them.

300x120x220 cm
Industrial inner tubes, wood pallets,
Stick to paddle, surveillance camera.

Video Installation
Video camera watching the sky:
documentation, duration 4:12
Video camera that monitors the sky: sky, time 8:57
Field Diary: video documentation
Raft with cartons of beer: 00:54
Lord steep: 00:56
Lady with blue scarf: 01:47
Lady bandana back: 00:13
Lady lifting her skirt: 00:48

Field Diary: photographic documentation

Suchiate Nomads digital photography
Smuggling: digital photography.